The Artist


Julia is ever-mindful of the process of creation as much as the product itself. Her process is one of introspection and meditation. Music is an important component in her process, placing her into the proper state of mind. Her process is highly intuitive and improvisational. “I often start painting just by watching where my hand goes by itself,” she says. Most of Julia’s paintings emerge initially from the deepest recesses of her subconscious – a world of fantasy and reality where childhood memories, everyday experiences, current events, and emotions manifest in representation or abstraction.

Julia literally works with her hands. Latex gloves are used interchangeably with each application of a different color. Most recently, Julia’s color selection indicates a happy, joyful stage in her life, with mostly bright, vibrant colors on her palette. Her earlier works reflect a more somber period in her life, illustrated by dark blues and dark greens. Julia’s current preferences in subject matter are natural sceneries and abstracts. All of her acrylic paints are purchased from a LA-based company that specializes in environmentally friendly materials.

Mixed media works are an important subset of Julia’s repertoire. She values the textural and voluminous capacities of mixed media, particularly for her fantastical pieces. She encourages viewers to feel these works. “Window Into Another Reality” and “Lilies” are among her favorite mixed media pieces.

Julia intends her works to deliver serenity to her clients. She hopes to place clients into the same meditative state, whether in the home or office, she experiences during the act of creation. Many of her works tend to focus on themes in the natural world or the cosmos. These works convey the blooming of flowers, the beauty of nature, and the energy of the universe. In “Nature in Harmony,” Julia incorporated Japanese harmony symbols as a literal representation that operates in tandem with the abstract elements of the piece.

Julia’s work is intended to blend harmoniously into your interior environment. Her use of earth tones will create the ideal ambient atmosphere in your home or office.