Interior designs and feng shui are the result of spiritual and creative forces, and these forces are imbued in Julia Vatulya’s personal journey from a remote region of northern Russia to the warm streets of Venice Beach, California. Her life as an artist, feng shui practitioner, and interior designer reflect the richness, diversity, and challenges that life has to offer. Julia’s life, artistry, and professional service reveal the multiplicity of experience that reveals her capacity for change, adaptation, and personal evolution.

Julia’s aesthetic vision is eclectic, ranging from impressionism to surrealism to representational painting. Her acrylic and mixed media paintings illustrate Julia’s experience with nature, the cosmos, childhood memories, and the breadth of human emotion. The unifying principle underlying her work is to honor the sensibilities of experience that are both singular to the artist but also universally shared among us all. These qualities infuse Julia’s feng shui and interior design practice.